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Re: double quotes in JavaScript

Gordon McComb wrote:
> At 02:20 PM 2/10/96 -0800, you wrote:
> >Content-Description: Text
> >Content-Type: text/plain ; charset=iso-8859-1
> >X-Zm-Decoding-Hint: mimencode -q -u
> >
> >Hey y'all -
> >
> >Oftentimes when I load people's javascript pages, I get errors that seem to
> >come from parsing pairs of double-quotes.  Zhangfans' "coloramor" page, for
> >example, gives the error:
> >
> >       missing ( after argument list:
> >
> >        "<A HREF="'cover.html'"TARGET='cover' onMouseOver='"
> >       ...........^
> >
> >along with various other messages that seem related to functions not being
> >properly defined since the function that had this code in it didn't load.
> I've never encountered this problem, either with my pages on my local
> machine, my pages on the net, or other people's pages.  Since 2.0 final is
> out, you might want to download it to see if the problem has been fixed.
> It also may be possible that the WWW server is inserting code into your 
documents, and the CGI script is mis-interpreting the JavaScript (this 
happened to me when my web-master took it upon himself to write HTML 
into people's documents looking for the last </HEAD> occurence.  What he 
didn't realize was that I had JavaScript that created new pages and so 
built a dynamic header outside of the header itself.  As a consequence, 
everytime someone downloaded a page, it threw a terminating "" text into 
a critical statement, causing a syntax error in the JavaScript statement 
and rendering the rest of the scripts in the page useless; since the 
page itself was critically built around JavaScript that meant that 
NOTHING worked.  I was seriously tempted to firebomb the webmaster!

Good luck in finding the source of your problem.

-- Kurt Cagle
Cagle Communications