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Re: validating hidden field

        Reply to:   RE>>validating hidden fields

I know you can't validate password fields because it involves security
implications. It is my guess that Sun is waiting for the most of the security
issues to evolve before allowing this type of capability. The idea behind
type="password" is to not allow access to the value.
I hope this helps,
Glenn Ferguson
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Date: 2/9/96 10:43 AM
To: Glenn Ferguson
From: javascript@obscure.org
At 09:40 PM 2/8/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Has anyone had problems validating hidden fields? When I test to see if the
>hidden field is null, it never is (although I know the field is null). I ran
>the same test as type="text" and it works fine. Any insight would be helpful.
>Thank in advance,
>Glenn Ferguson
>p.s. I get enough mail as it. How about sending these "on a personal level"
>messages to that person and not the entire newsgroup!!
>internet gferguson@llnl.gov        Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory
>(510) 423-6700                     Computer Science/Math Programmer

Also, if anyone knows, can I validate a password field? The first time I tried

to see if the password field contained numbers I couldn't get it to work since
the field return *'s as the value. Can anyone tell me if I did something
wrong or am I missing something obvioius?

Thanks in advance.

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