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Re: History Object

You cannot directly see the url in the history list.
This 'feature' has been disabled until the next release because it was
viewed as a security hole.   Would you wan't every site you visit to be able
to copy/log/look through all the sites you'd previously been at?

It could also allow people to see things like passwords on cgi trailers

Andy Augustine
Web Developing/Programming

At 11:49 AM 2/9/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Supposedly history.back should give the URL of the previous document in the
>history list, but it isn't working.  Anyone see how to fix this code:
><!-- hide this script tag's contents from old browsers
>   document.write('<FORM METHOD="post">');
>   string='<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="<- Back to ';
>   string=string+history.back+' onClick="goHist(-1)">'+'<br>';
>   document.write(string);
>   string='<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="-> Forward to '; 
>   string=string+history.forward+' onClick="goHist(1)">'+'<br>';
>   document.write(string);
>   document.write('</form>');
>//<!-- done hiding from old browsers -->
>Kevin Prigel