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Re: validating hidden fields

At 09:40 PM 2/8/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Has anyone had problems validating hidden fields? When I test to see if the
>hidden field is null, it never is (although I know the field is null). I ran
>the same test as type="text" and it works fine. Any insight would be helpful.
>Thank in advance,
>Glenn Ferguson
>p.s. I get enough mail as it. How about sending these "on a personal level"
>messages to that person and not the entire newsgroup!!
>internet gferguson@llnl.gov        Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory
>(510) 423-6700                     Computer Science/Math Programmer

Also, if anyone knows, can I validate a password field? The first time I tried 
to see if the password field contained numbers I couldn't get it to work since
the field return *'s as the value. Can anyone tell me if I did something
wrong or am I missing something obvioius?

Thanks in advance.

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