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Re: QUESTION: Is it the Script or the Beta's?

On Tue, 30 Jan 1996 23:37:11 +0100, you wrote:

>What is wrong: my scripting, and if so, what is wrong?
>Or is even NS2.0b6 to unstable to handle such mega-scripts?
The above works fine, but then, that was expected..<G>
This page loads, but when NEtscape begins to fill the new window, it
closes itself...
This page begins to load, but then Windows gives an error, and the
close prompt is displayed..

Netscape 2.beta(a) Win 95 Version
486dx4/100 w/12 meg

Netscape 2.beta(a) Win 95 Version
Pentium 133 w/32 meg

Netscape 2.beta(b) Win 3.x Version
Pentium 75 w/16 meg

The same results occured with the Netscape Gold 2.0 Beta..