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QUESTION: Is it the Script or the Beta's?


recently i've been working on an experiment:
What:  We have a GUI based on the six senses.  I've builded it with frames.
All toghether there are 26 html-files.
Now, i was trying to put'm in one file, using JavaScript to create the
frames, fill'm with document.write en functions to refill'm after clicking
on the CSImaps.
I succeeded in putting them in one file (still had to use one 'empty' html
for the FRAME SCR=) , and it works perfect 8 out of 10 times on my machine.
I have to admit, it has become a mega-script.

The problem is however: on some machines, like mine (P90, win3.11, NS2.0b6)
it workes fine 8 out of 10 times, on others ik works 5 out of 10 times, and
on others it doesn't work. (NS crashes or the whole system crashes, so be
warned...) (all using NS2.0b6) 

What is wrong: my scripting, and if so, what is wrong?
Or is even NS2.0b6 to unstable to handle such mega-scripts?

The original non-scripting GUI:

The Script-version:
Normaly you should start with 


After Clicking the button, a new windows without all the netscape stuff pops
up and is filled with 4 frames, title-CSImap on top, Menu-CSImap on the
right, Sub-titlebar in horizantal-middle, and main-content-frame (text +
links, these links do not work!)
If clicking on the Menu-CSImapped Face the titlebar and content-frame should
be refilled with other content, all driven by functions and document.writes.

Starting with this test01.htm does not work on Macs however (why?), it does
with PeeCees.

So if this does not work you could go directly to:

but then you get it with NS-stuff on top of the window, but it still works.

Now, if you could be so kind to check it out and let me know your opinion on
the strange behaviour on different machines, i would appreciate it.

Respond to me personaly, i will sumarise and post the results to this list.