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Proof of concept - animated images in javascript

I have some hidden pages that I would like others to test out for me...
Basically, you have some plain pages loaded into a set of frames, and
a little man in the lower right hand corner.  Pass the mouse over that man
(it may take a little "jiggling") and he will laugh.  

Click on the head and it will load "success!" into another frame.

It's kinda stupid, but what you get is an animated icon that's clickable.
With just javascript.

If you are on a mac, you will get faster response if you set your network 
prefs to only check the page once per session.

On windows the little head bobs back and forth pretty rapidly once it is 

go to 

Please send me your comments and feel free to use this method yourself.
The little head is not free to copy as it is from "worldsaway" but I 
havent had time to change it...

If the head doesnt move - try to bring it into "focus" by clicking on the 
space around it near the border of the frame...