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Re: Javascript Wish List

That would work for the most part, but the problem is, how does the
web author know what your path name is to your file/files?
It would be great if there was a way to use the database that the browser
uses to keep track of allyour links - to have some canned names for such 
things as "header" or "myclock" that point to files on your machine.
This would be useful if you specified images that are used over and over
again and the author didn't care what the image is (like image dingbats)

I am thinking though that you could initially download a web game into
this database, and play yourself without network activity until your go 
outside of the scope of data that you have downloaded already - whereupon
the browser loads more data....

I already have a web text adventure I am going to convert to javascript..

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Frank Hecker wrote:

> At 9:52 AM 1/5/96, SilverThorn wrote:
> >Here are some things I would love to see added to JavaScript:
> [omitted...]
> >3) allow client side includes (similar to the script src="" tag, but
> >the file is on the client's desktop not on the net)
> Not that I myself will make any decisions on this (I'm not Brendan Eich
> :-), but I _am_ curious: how would you see this differing from simply using
> a "file:" URL with <script src=...>?
> Frank
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