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Re: Accessing server-side files: A Counter

At 05:04 PM 1/4/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Are you using client-side JavaScript (i.e., JavaScript functions within
><SCRIPT> tags on the HTML page) for this?  Client-side JavaScript is
>interpreted on the client (Netscape Navigator) side only, so it offers you
>no way to save a server state variable like a page visit counter.

That's what I was fearing.  Well, on to my next little project: Graphic
selection bars (click and you get a depressed, shadowed icon, etc).

>Server-side JavaScript would allow you to keep a server-side variable like
>this.  Server-side JavaScript will be supported by the Netscape LiveWire
>and LiveWire Pro products, which are add-ons to Netscape's Web server
>products (e.g., Commerce Server).  Server-side JavaScript is interpreted on
>the server system, and in essence is an alternative to CGI/Perl scripts for
>this general type of function.

Hmm. Hmm. Naturely I'd like to do this with any provider, but anything that
ultimately hits Bill Gates in the wallet is fine with me. :)

I assume the server-side JavaScript is still beta as well, though. Hmm. Time
to pester my provider about upgrading so I can experiment. ;)

Thanks for the information.

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