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Workbench 1.0
If you have seen Woodworks, or ever been to Woodcraft, you have seen this type of workbench. Well, I decided I would build my own. The techniques needed to build this were not overly complicated, a plate joiner was required.

The largest comment I have gotten from people is in regards to the design - most people think it is too pretty to be a workbench. I used red oak, poplar, maple, and cherry in the construction. It is listed as 1.0 because at some point I plan on making workbench 2.0, which will be much nicer and more functional. I have acquired some new tools since I built this, and I have picked up some more skills that would have made building this much much easier.

The bench top is hardware free, all wood and glue construction. The legs and base are attached with brass screws. The vice is also attached with screws.