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Re: What's New

Hi Gordon,

Gordon McComb wrote:
> Great start!  But...you don't want to take people to a new page.  Screws up
> their back button.  Do it with frames, or dynamically write the page.  Or,

I noticed that. But I think I have a good idea how to change it.
What do you think of sending him to the page he originally came from?
It would look as if all the what's new Pages are only one page -
Know what I mean?

I will make some changes now and tell you when I have finished it.

My intention for the - still far away - final Version is to have 
an easy to use tool for loading a special "What's new" page.
So that you only have to place the files in the same directorie and they will
be displayed when needed. No changes on the page itself (only if you want to offer
links for non JavaScript capable Browsers - then you have to add the links, not
too difficult I think)

> use the referrer property to check where they are coming from (this is one
> method I'm trying myself now).  If they are coming from your "wots gnu" page
> you can skip the code that just sends them back there!

That is what I will try out. I someone wants to write a frame or dynamic Version,
I can make them available for you all to, just send it to me and I will publish it.

So long
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