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[Fwd: Welcome to javascript]


Garry P.
Phoenix AZ USA
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Welcome to the javascript mailing list!

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
you can send mail to "majordomo@obscure.org" with the following command
in the body of your email message:

    unsubscribe javascript "Garry P." <garryp@trojan.neta.com>

Here's the general information for the list you've
subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

	The JavaScript Mailing List

	Welcome to the JavaScript Mailing List, sponsored by the
Obscure Organization (http://www.obscure.org/) and TeleGlobal Media,
Inc. (http://www.tgm.com/).  For information on this list, list
archives, and examples and useful links, please see the lists's page
at http://www.obscure.org/javascript/

	This unmoderated list is intended as a general forum for
questions about the JavaScript programming language and technology (as
distinct from Java - while there will be undoubtedly be some crossover
with Java oriented lists, we ask that Java specific questions be
directed to Java specific lists, such as java-interest@sun.com).

	The list address is javascript@obscure.org.

	The list manager address is majordomo@obscure.org.  Please be
sure to send your administrative requests to the majordomo@obscure.org
address for processing.  For help with the list manager, please send
mail to majordomo@obscure.org with the message body reading "help".
To unsubscribe, please send mail to majordomo@obscure.org with the
message body reading "unsubscribe".

	To switch to the digest mode, unsubscribe from this list, and
subscribe yourself to javascript-digest.

	If you have any questions, please contact the list
maintainers: Faisal Jawdat (javascript admin guy, faisal@tgm.com
and Richard Bullington (obscure.org admin guy and backup javascript
admin guy, rbulling@obscure.org).

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