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Re: Javascript prompting FIND


What I envisioned was something 25k to 50k in size. It would probably be 
within a frameset.
The reason I wanted javascript to bring up the FIND dialog box is 
because it is there to use, but most users would not commonly think to
use FIND (much like many user don't custom set there color preferences, 
there default settings, and http://www.netscape.com is their homepage).
Also, externalizing server functions to the client is one of the most 
important functions of javascript (despite how slow it is)

I thought to ask this question because I spoke to someone who mistakenly 
thought <ISINDEX> enabled a user to do a string search, client side.
(he was accustomed to using lynx "s" not find)

> I'm leaning towards separating files into logical
>groups (maybe one file per letter of the alpha letter), and loading 
>just that file as a hidden frame to access the data.  

That's interesting.


PS Soooo ahhh whose book will be at first ? ;-)