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Re: Javascript prompting FIND

At 12:14 PM 2/5/96 -0800, you wrote:

>I suppose this depends on what you mean to be a "database." For small 
>collections of data, I see nothing wrong with embedding the data as, say, 
>a JavaScript array. A 10-15K database is no larger than your average 
>.gif, and adds a lot of power to the document. Moreover, not everyone can 
>muck with CGIs on their ISP's Unix boxes, so creating a serverless CGI is 
>a real boon for a JavaScript-enhanced document.

Of course, he did say a "large database."  A JavaScript database would have
to be text
only (no compression), so 10-15K would be a fairly small database.  This is
all in the
eye of the beholder, though.  I've met people who said they needed this or
that done for
a "modest-sized database," and the thing ends up being 40 fields in 10,000
That's modest?!

For "larger" JS databases, I'm leaning towards separating files into logical
groups (maybe one 
file per letter of the alpha letter), and loading just that file as a hidden
frame to access the
data.  Yes, it's 26 files, but maybe only 1/26th the download time.  Gotta
think of those poor
suckers at 9600 bps!

-- Gordon