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Having Richard For A Brother 

Being Richard's little sister has been an experience all of it's own. 
Richard is quite a unique individual. He is very artistic and is really 
into computers and things of the like. I would classify him as a "GEEK" 
yes but that is not a bad thing. He is extremely intelligent and uses 
his intellect usually very wisely. He also is very creative, but that 
would definitely go hand in hand with his artistic ability. He has a 
very interesting perspective on things that people might call strange. 

Socially, I have learned in my early adult years, he is very out going 
and is a lot of fun. You see growing up, I was in my own world and very 
anti-social in some ways, so I never really got to know my brother. Now 
that I have and go out to the places he does I have gotten to know him. 
This may sound strange but he's more of a friend than anything! It's been 
a pleasure getting to know him. You can have the chance to get to know 
him a bit too. Just check out his web page!

E-Mail:  Morticia@obscure.org
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