Aspiring Mortician
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Aspiring Mortician

I have desired to be a mortician since I was sixteen years old.
Many people ask why. Well for one thing it is a recession proof business.
Another reason is that I really like to do the unexpected things to help

The mortician plays a very important role in the grieving process.
This, for me, isn't about being morbid. The morticians job is to present
the bereaved family with there deceased loved one in a relaxed
position. Almost appearing life like but sleeping peacefully. This
allows the family's last memory of the deceased to be pleasant.

I have found, when people I cared for passed away, if the mortician
does a good job I have always felt a bit less traumatized
by the persons death. It was almost like it was okay to let them go.
I want to help people feel as I did in those instances. Therefore I need
to be the one to play that role for others.

Now this may sound morbid but it is not intended to be. The other appealing
part about being a mortician is it constitutes a lot of "hands on" work.
It also allows for the artistic aspect of me to shine. To be a mortician
and be a good one a person must be creative. They have to be open minded
to examine any possibilities that will help them achieve the goal of
making the deceased look alive, in one piece, unharmed, and sleeping.
In some cases that is VERY difficult. I have found that I can be very
creative and could do a very good job at creating that illusion.

At the moment I am studying to earn by associates in small business
management/applied science. I will then, if I play my cards right,
transfer to a mortuary school and get my associates in Mortuary Science. I
will also participate in a two year apprenticeship under a licensed
funeral director or mortician.


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