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Masterpieces aren't perfection 
it's the unique imperfection. 
Those different traits, 
Those confusing elements, 
Things that jerk emotion, 
Those inconsistencies in the lines, 
Different manners in what's done, 
What baffle the mind, 
What makes us question the work, 
Why we wonder what it is, 
What makes the artist tick, 
The forms of different expression, 
How it was done, 
Why it is the way it is, 
Because of how we react, 
Accepting it for what it is, 
And we always ask why it's that way. 
In all reality 
The truth behind it all 
Is what we question. 
These things make up a masterpiece. 
And that's what I am, 
"God's" masterpiece. 

Copyright © 1996, Morticia

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