Sapientes Crustulla

I like these people. Go visit them.

Faisal Jawdat
A smart guy who knows that all good things come originally from Carnegie Mellon University.
He has recently done some evil things.
Stanton McCandlish
Reads Usenet for a living; prowls the nightclubs of San Francisco; fights the good fight for electronic freedom; is this guy set or what?
Dan Brown
Founder of, former Roxy-goer, sometime keeper of the EFF computers, husband of Cyndi.
Geek-culture fan, programmer, and all-around dangerous woman
Peter Burris
An eloquent rogue, adept at forthright elucidation of his own pomposity!
Steve Busko
Also known as Cyber Steve. This man uses Cisco 7000 routers as footstools.

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