This Site has been Recycled, proccessed,

refurbished and regurgitated for the

Senior Citizens Coalition for Puppy's unrelenting Dementia

    Its been a long time since I have dabbled in the magic arts of HTML development, back in the day my baby was a multi-honned virtual-private tunnel connecting CyberCash's intranet (er.. my intranet) from Reston Va, to Redwood California, and Bangalore India (in which the whole of India was sharing the bandwith if an ISDN.. oooooo)  Since 1998 I put down my network engineering dreams(nightmares) and started doing stage lighting gigs and building concert stages up and down the east coast.  I still have the dork in me and now it's time to let it out again...  If you can bare with me, I'm beyond rusty, I have some amusing projects in store for the future but it won't be a smooth ride.  So here's to hopeing you can enjoy my creativity, sick and twistedness, the crassness, maybe we could even manage a tear jerker or two as well.  Welcome to my head!
                                                                                                                                                             - Puppy

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