Puppy s Unrelenting Dementia
The Carolina Rant

posted  -  6-15-03

I wrote this on Wenesday  the 11th of June er... Thursday too I suppose. 
On my way down to Marion, South Carolina for a stage Repo (see Journal). 

Strikes against humanity from metallic tongues. Do you remember
when a group of men could set passions ablaze making you tense
as they merged they're energy?  Afussion, a nuclear reactor
bringing meaning through virgin emotions so intense and pure
 that all the souls present for one precious moment  transend all
barriers of race and sex, religion and politics.  But now it scatters
the collective to the winds, the meaning and nature of
the beast
lost to a sea of numbers, statistics and profitable
Wake up, your future has been marketed
for you,
less hassle so you
can enjoy what marvelous acts the corporation
and moral majority
and molded
for you, don't worry its mother tested
and pope approved.
You can't stand alone against the popular opinion,
but will you follow
them off of the cliff or dig you toes into the filth
and decay they're
leaving in they're wake.
You can buy fabricated happieness theese
days you know.  Convienience is stale, and your choices are

predermined, your signifigance sleeps in a roach hotel, somewhere
in the middle of  a white trash condo
with its wheels up on blocks. 
Soul to soul to soul to soul spreading the unification to neutralize
the infectious
i gnorance.  When did we lose our humanity, its 
sealed air tight in a bag of dorritos until its dipped into

Mild Chile-con-queso made from the shredded human-spirit. 
Is it over shaddowed by some mis-interpreted
god-complex we mistook
 for ingenuity, well I have ideas too motherfucker!  Divinity is
not attainable, you
don t aspire or look to that which never existed.

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