Front Door

The front door


A small garden in front of the house


Under Porch

Space under the screen porch off the kitchen plus the arbor in the background. The door leads to a small office.

The Addition

This is the addition. The office is on the bottom, then the kitchen, then the top is another bedroom.


The Arbor

The arbor off the back right of the house.

Top of the Arbor

The top of the arbor.


Back 40

Dan and our inspector are crawling around this area that is down from the terrace. You can get here by the stairs that go into the park. This area needs some hacking!

Side Gate

This gate is off the left side of the house and leads down to the arbor, shed, and basement.



The shed is on the left. This is the basement entrance with some brick work.


Here's Dan and our nice inspector checking out the shed. That fridge does not convey.


Park Entry

This is top of the stairs that lead down into the park.


Here are the stairs. More cleanup needed.


Screen Porch

This is a screen porch off the right side of the kitchen.

Screen Porch

Here is another angle on the screen porch.


Side off Kitchen

This is a door off the left of the kitchen. We took this to note the poor awning which was probably an original on the house.

Side Stairs

The stairs down from that door and the A/C unit.


Side Steps

These steps lead down to the terrace. Off to the left are the stairs down into the park.


The concrete terrace. No lawn to mow!


Under Porch

This space is under the screen porch. Prime hot tub location!

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