Main Level

Dining Room

The dining room.

Dining Room

The dining and living room.


Elvis storage

Closets in the Elvis bathroom that was the original kitchen area in the house.

Elvis bathroom

The Elvis bathroom.


Kitchen Hallway

The hallway between the dining room and kitchen. Elvis is off to the right in this picture.


A pantry in the hallway leading to the kitchen.


Kitchen Doorway

The doorway from the kitchen. The brick is from the back of the house. The kitchen is part of the addition that's been added.

Kitchen Left

The left side of the kitchen.


Kitchen Right

The right side of the kitchen.

Kitchen Nook

Lots of cookbook space!



More kitchen. Good cabinets and deep drawers.

Living Room

The living room.


Mud Room

This is the original porch to the front door that has been enclosed and is now a nice foyer.

Screen Porch

Screen porch from the inside.


Screen Porch

More of the screen porch off the kitchen. No neighbors out back, just trees!

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