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"Welcome to the war, sucker..."

An on-line source for the on-line Dragon Campaign. Character guides, plot lines, monstrous creations, background stories, and pictures all to make this virtual movie a bit more surreal. And easier to visualize.

If you've never played Feng shui before, you might want to start here.

The Fall of the Virtual Dragons
Strange things are occuring on the east side of Hong Kong. The Lodge is holding urgent meetings in an abandoned churchyard. An abomination has been seen in the local New Year's parade. The librarian has the library under magical and ensorceled lockdown. And Happy Valley Internet Services is being bought out by a bunch of Confuscious quoting monks in sunglasses?! Master Tso is taking advice from a man who clucks like a chicken. Our top spy has been sent to warm the Queen of the Ice Pagoda's chilly bed, and now the Prof has called in all her best operatives to train a new batch of recruits, perhaps in the nick of time to stop another disaster like Operation Killdeer.

So grab your favorite gun, Find your old sword and join us down in the Netherworldas we try to unravel the Prof's latest and most dangerous assignment. And return a few overdue books on the mythology of mystical creatures.

Just some light reading for the Prof.

The Playing Characters

And their sheets.

Other Places of Interest

  • A listing of various Feng Shui sites the heros may come into contact with.

  • The records of our deeds. Or rather, a bunch of logs That we haven't completed yet.

  • Take a look at the Family Photo Album. A bunch of pictures of our team in various pursuits, hobbies and actions.

  • A collection of journal entries about The Building J Escapade.