So, just who is this Domino anyways?

Picture of a girl with a gun
and a skull from the game  Vampyre. Well, my real name is Megan, but I never use it, so I suppose you shouldn't either. I live in San Francisco now, having moved from DC nad I left George Washington University. I fell in love with the west coast, both the atmosphere and the people. So... here I am. Mostly I'm a geek, often to be found online sitting in front of a glowing screen manipulating anything that was once photographed. I do however take out time to play Feng Shui and this game as well, which is just begining. I also take dancing lessons with a few friends.

Ok, so like if the above wasn't enough information for you, you can wait for a bio page. It will include various recreational activities and other things I do with my time... when I'm not on mushing. Picture
of the Vampyre Princess Miyu

Oh, and if you'd like to see a picture of me...

For other personal information, My tastes are varied, but listed. These are some of the music groups, books, and movies I really liked and why (as if there was a need to ask in some cases)

One thing is for sure, if you want to find me, drop me an email, or look for the group of freaks all in black dancing in the DC streets. I'm probably not far behind.

... and so you know, stupid "wanna-fuck" notes will be forwarded to "blah" for entertainment purposes only. Otherwise they will be duly ignored or possibly sneered at.

and many thanks to the Obscure Organization for providing this account.

"hey! he followed me home Can I keep him?"