Beautiful Elaingel... Suddenly her face is there:
So do mounting vapours wreathe
Subtle-scented transports where
The black firwood sets its teeth.
Part the boughs and look beneath,--
Lilies share
Secret waters there, and breathe.

-- Excerpt from "Love's Nocturn"
by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Wafting unsersea flowers.

It began with the wings.

I suppose that's what drew me in - the wings swinging their elegant feathers that floated here & there. Wings attached to the back of a girl who had the guts to stand on a stage in the guise of an angel.

I was immediately intrigued.

Siddal was an unknown thing to me, as I was at the club to see Strange Boutique, but after a time I grew to expect the two of them together. In the end it was Siddal who stole my heart.

Elaine, with her beautifully delicate yet earnest voice, has always represented a sort of hope to me. Unarguably as human as the rest of us, she will nevertheless don those wings and weave her songs through rooms clouded with smoke and shuffling audiences of frail uncertainty. I admire her for that, for her free spirit.

Richard, comprising the other half of Siddal, has never (as far as I have witnessed) tried to creep into the foreground, but seems content to silently linger. Because of this, I haven't much to say about him except that I am glad that he is there.

Floating down the river...

She listened like a cushat dove
That listens to its mate alone;
She listened like a cushat dove
That loves but only one.

And downcast were her dovelike eyes And downcast was her tender cheek
Her pulses fluttered like a dove
To hear him speak.

-- Christina Rossetti

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Siddal is Elaine Winters and Richard Brinkley. Their music is published by Bedazzled Records.

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