For I am but a startled thing
Nor can I ever be
Aught save a bird whose broken
Must fly away from thee.

-- Excerpt from "Worn Out" by Lizzie Siddal
Elizabeth Siddal

Frozen Garden cover

1992 - "Frozen Garden" 7"
Track listing: Sirocco, Frozen Garden, Angel Wars, Migration
This record is now out of print.

Ghost cover

1993 - "Ghost" 7" (BDZ13)
Track listing: Ghost, Leaving

Kindred Spirits cover

1994 - A Bedazzled Compilation - Kindred Spirits (BDZ16)
Siddal performs "Pontus."

The Pedestal cover

1995 - The Pedestal (BDZ23)
Track listing: Circus Fire, The Pedestal, Hiding Home,
When the Wolf Comes, Frozen Garden, Treasures of Sleep, Leaving, Lighthouse Wreckage, Fairbanks

Woke Up Smiling cover

1995 - A Bedazzled Compilation - Woke Up Smiling (BDZ25)
Siddal performs "A Glendale Melody."

The Crossing cover

1996 - The Crossing (BDZ30)
Track listing: Possible Dust, Centuries of Love, Maybe Heaven,
Beds of Light, Oil Spills, Thornmakers, Secrets of the Blind, Eternity, The Women of Mercy, A Second Migration

Mystery and the Sea cover

1997 - Mystery and the Sea (BDZ33)
Track listing: Mystery and the Sea, Just Around the Corner,
Third Migration, Oil Spills (Rain Mix), The Last Asphodel

Xmas 97 cover

1997 - A Bedazzled Compilation - Xmas 97 (BDZ37)
Siddal performs "Blue Christmas."
Limited pressing of 500 promo-only CDs.

My gracious thanks to Bedazzled for sending me a copy of "Xmas 97." I can't tell you how happy that made me.

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