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The official page of Fisher-Price:

The heart of Fisher-Price mecca, w/info on the annual Toyfest:
Toy Town U.S.A.

Fan pages:
NEW! The Brunching Shuttlecocks' Little People Ratings

Chuck and Debbie's Fisher Price Little People Toy Information Page

The First United Church of the Fisher-Price Record Player

Fisher-Price Adventure Pages

Fisher-Price Little People

The Fisher-Price Travelin' Dude Page

Little People!

NEW! The Little People Meet Mr. Potatohead

Maffoo's Own Fisher-Price Page

The Magical World of Fisher-Price

NEW! My F-P World

Quinn's Schmoo

This Old Toy

Two Kids and a Grownup

Dealers which sell Fisher-Price:
Antique & Collectible Superstore

The Big Red Toybox (Classifieds)

Collector's Connection



Eric & Kathy McGallicher's Fisher-Price World Wide Web Site


Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher-Price Toys For Sale

Fisher-Price "Trade Ya"

Forty Caroline Street Antiques

I Remember Antiques

Linda's Toys and Collectibles

Our Favorite Toys

PJ's Toybox

Play Go Round

Random Collectibles

Recycled Toys' Fisher-Price List

Renée's Collectibles

Sandcastle Antiques

Toys By Toize


Trenton's Toy Box

World As We Knew It