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It was the dreams which started it all - all of this, all you'll see here.

It wasn't my intention, after the first dream, to do anything. There were no plans for a web page, no plans for photographs. It was only after I kept dreaming about these toys that I knew there had to be some reason. I'm not sure what that reason is yet. I'm twirling out in various directions, unsure what I'm going to find, and not really looking for anything specific.

I know that these toys give me a certain delight, and so I fill my rooms with them and weave them into pictorial mythologies. Dreaming about Fisher-Price toys has now outweighed in numbers the dreams I had about my teeth crumbling out. I am constantly amused by the fact that my utmost goal in any dream is to steal or otherwise come by these toys. In an otherwise "normal" dream, it is highly likely I will come across the toys somewhere in some room, and then no matter what is happening, I am instantly distracted by the mighty call of Fisher-Price and will sink to any level to take them away with me (including trying to coersce them from a child!).

There are quite a number of Fisher-Price fans on the web, and I must hope that some of them will find their way to this place, and be touched. I'm not sure what reactions I will get (some people I have shown my photos to have responded with captivated horror), but I encourage you to contact me with any thoughts or ideas for things you'd like to see here.