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Monday, November 04, 2002
This man is running to be supervisor for my district. This is his plan as stated in my voter guide:
Economy of scale provides affordable housing. A new idea. Permanent affordable housing in the city and county of San Francisco. But first shelter for the homeless. And what better way than to tunnel under Nob Hill that will benefit San Francisco and engage the homeless to health and independence. Imagine a 288 foot tetrahedron, of glass and steel, elevated 36 feet high on the block where you live. Your rent would be $288 a month for 12 years and its paid off. Under this pyramid is a park with lawns and fountains. Under the park, three levels of parking Inside this pyramid 33,776 square feet, allowing for 576 units, each unit 576 square feet. This structure combines beauty with economy of scale. Your input is necessary. 474-DOGS Peace will crown America when you reconnect with General George Washington. Read Mason L. Weems and you will see that this greatest of all men is still with us in this time of terror.
Science fictional housing and Parson Weems*. Some days I love this town . . . but not quite enough to vote for him. *Parson Weems was the guy who wrote the first hagiography of George Washington (i.e. the book with the cherry tree story).
11/4/2002 08:21:03 PM


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