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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, a new study shows that children who grow up with pets in the home have a reduced risk of developing common allergies. (Thank god. At least now no one can try to blame my allergies on my much loved childhood pets)
8/27/2002 04:39:34 PM

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Yesterday's surreal moment:

Eating Mexican Food at the very loud Puerto Allegra on Valencia at 16th (I had a tasty but an inexplicably *red* chile verde; James had fried taco thingies) while a Mexican mariachi guitarist sang Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman." Puerto Allegra is closer than La Quinta (which up Mission a ways), and is a little more hospitable, but the food isn't as good.Both of these places are dives in the Inner Mission; neither seems to get metioned on websites much.

Afterward - on the way to pick up a carshare car to get groceries - James and I stopped by the used bookstore with the cats. Truly, petting the cats was the draw, but in five minutes flat I'd picked up a history of British India, a cultural history about the lives of Southern plantation mistresses, a book about a Jewish family in the Tenderloin around the turn of the century (recommended by a friend in Seattle when I told her how much I'd liked the Tenement Museum in New York), and. . . something else I'm forgetting.

James picked up the catalog for a show we saw at SFMOMA displaying the photography of William Gedney. I recognized his photos of people in rural Kentucky in the mid-60s as soon as James opened the book's pages. They made a huge impression on me at the museum, but then photography exhibitions are the only shows I consistently like at SFMOMA.

Anyway, those kitties cost us $40 in about 5 minutes. Book stores are dangerous for me.
8/20/2002 05:12:49 PM

Monday, August 05, 2002

Apparently, the earth is getting flatter.
8/5/2002 07:30:42 AM

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Blog unformatted because of problems with *their* upgrades. I'll redesign someday, after I'm finished sulking over the multiweek downtime and total lack of any sign that blogger intends to fix the bug. [well okay that's a lie. I'm so compulsive that I have to fix it a bit; it's still not quite right, but it's closer. I don't have enough interest to do a redesign right now...]
8/4/2002 03:29:18 PM


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