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Friday, August 31, 2001
Pulled this, about the results of experiments to create rain in Britain during the the early 50s, from a metafilter post.

[Oh. It's kind of grim. For reasons that are unclear to me I feel compelled to post grim things here. I thing it's part of the glass half empty syndrome. Plus, happy things make me want to go and be happy, not stop and write. So much for Wordsworth.]
8/31/2001 12:16:12 PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

No one really expects to get Jessie Helms out of congress alive, do they?
8/21/2001 02:43:36 PM

Friday, August 17, 2001

"Then I remember Kent and realize most modern democracies have not shot down their children on their university campuses. Maybe America really is a natural ally to China."
-- Michael Moorcock in part 6 of a lengthy interview.

[link stolen from Alwin, who stole it from Fark.com]
8/17/2001 01:37:57 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Apparently we now have FOUR forms to keep track of leave and timesheets at work.
That's two more than any organization I've ever worked at, and there are only about 20 people on staff here.

8/16/2001 03:53:27 PM

Thursday, August 09, 2001

I LOVE Finder. I'm transfixed by every issue. But I have to say, Carla Speed McNeil is just twisted.
8/9/2001 06:12:21 PM

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

It isn't that I don't believe this article, but why is it that I know so many women who are exceptions?
8/7/2001 02:07:42 PM


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