Amarendra Godbole's presence. Welcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Here you shall find some stuff about me, nothing more. I used to go by the name amunix in my earlier days, but now I prefer coderaptor . Ah, yes, calmbeforethestorm is also something that I like - but it is a bit too long. :-|

I am a programmer and security engineer, writing software mostly for Linux and other UNIX variants. Needless to say, I write programs in C. I have developed an interest in knives, flashlights and firearms. I love reading, sleeping, watching movies, and doing nothing. In case you are wondering, doing nothing is also a highly productive activity. I am a NRA lifemember. If you are curious to know what is happening in my life day to day - take a look at my journal. (No longer maintained.)

*** [UPDATE] *** More photos are online. Check them out: Drop me a line at amar [AT] obscure [DOT] org if you wish to have a dialogue with me.

Many thanks to The Obscure Organisation for providing this web space.