So what if it's bad grammar - we don't care!

Each month Wombat Vengeance will be bringing you something new to hate, spit upon, or just taunt in general. The objects of our loathing won't be limited to any one category or topic, or subjected to limitations of taste or political correctness. Hey, we want to be fair - we hate lots of stuff and wouldn't want to leave anything out. Of course, we are busy people, so we can't spend as much time wallowing in angst as we'd like. If you've got an idea for Disgust of the Month, email us at bitter@obscure.org. Don't forget to mention Disgust of the Month in your message, or we'll just think we've gotten more freak mail and laugh at you. And you wouldn't want that, would you?

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June's Disgust

July's Disgust