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Good, easy way to learn JavaScript

I want to know if any of you have a link to a good, easy way to learn Java Script. (Netscape's isn't really 
worth the kilobytes it takes up.) I'm looking to make a JavaScript that will update a frame for me when a new 
link is loaded. My homepage (which the frame version is not up yet) has an index on the left called "index" 
and a main frame on the right called "main". I want to be able to click the link in the "index" frame that 
says "Places to go on the Net" and have it
a. update the "index" window with the "lindex.html" file (which it currently does.) and
b. update the "main" window with the "lmain.html" file which will display an intro to the Links section of my 

Any info on how to do this, or resources that will help is appreciated. My homepage address is 
This page is a temporary page until I get the Frames version up and running.


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