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Re: Re[2]: Printing from JS

On Mar 22,  2:39am, jnavarro@mcgraw-hill.com wrote:
> Subject: Re[2]: Printing from JS

> Printing may be bad from within JS, however, we will be rolling out an
> Intranet application in our company that will require some type of printing.
> I will bet that this may be an issue as more and more companies begin
> deploying Netscape and JS as a solution to client/server.

Come to think of it, though: if a hypothetical JS print command existed that
only brought up a Netscape "Print . . ." dialog box, would that be a security
risk?  The user would be aware that a print request was being made and could
accept it or cancel it at her discretion.

The same method could be used for client file read/writes as well . . . "Click
here to save this page to your disk" would bring up a file dialog.  User
control of file path, etc = no security risk, right?  (i think so, at least . .


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