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Re: digital supermarket

On Thu, 21 Mar 1996 22:22:02 +0100 Silvio wrote:

> A customer of mine asked me to write a kind of "digital
> supermarket" set of pages...
> The customer should be able to browse his goods and to
> choose (with a button) some to put in a virtual bag.
> then he will see them, see the bill, perhaps toggle some
> items from the bag and, always pressing a button,
> send an e-mail with the order.

There are many sights that offer such pages most of them using CGI 
scripts. You can do it with JavaScript but you will limit your 
customers to one that use Netscape 2.0 or 2.01.

I have a demo on my sight that shows how it is done with JavaScript 
and cookies, but I'm not sure this  is your best solution. The URL 


Select the 'Cookies and Banners' link and then the 'Shopping Bag 
Demo'. It creates a invoice in the top frame which was done this way 
only to show that it is possible, not to show it's the best real 
world solution. 

Note: Make sure you are using Netscape 2.0b5 or above and JavaScript 
is enabled if using 2.01, or the links will not show up.

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