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Re: frames verification

You can set timers to periodicially look for a given frame, but I think it's
far easier to just put an onLoad even in the frameset document (you place it
in the <FRAMESET> tag) that calls a function in one of the frames to get
things going.  For example, if the frame that has the script you want to run
is named myframe, and the function is called getGoing, you'd call it thusly
(always wanted to use "thusly" in a sentence):

<FRAMESET ... onLoad="parent.myframe.getGoing()">

-- Gordon

At 08:58 PM 3/20/96 -0800, you wrote:
>any suggestions on how to make sure my parent frame is around before i 
>call it.  i have a frame document with this script
>var		loaded = 0;
>function SetLoaded( value ) { return loaded = value; }
>function GetLoaded() { return loaded; }
>and i would like to make sure that this frame document is the parent of 
>my other frames before i call Get/SetLoaded.  assuming it is the top 
>frame it has no name.  how can i do this, is there something easy that i 
-- Gordon

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