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netscape 2.01 problem

i had some javascript code which worked fine under 2.0 but not under 2.01.
the code poped a framed page (mame="main") out to the parent (full
screen/noframes) window (for bookmarking/exited, tec.).  before i always got
a valid URL using parent.main.location.href, but in 2.01 it mostly (but not
always) returns a NULL.

1) is this *really* part of the security hole fix?   and

2) is there another way of retrieving the URL of a page loaded into a frame?

my original code follows

this code is in another frame off the parent window called "slot01.html"




   <meta name="GENERATOR" content="Mozilla/2.0GoldB1 (Win32)">


<body bgcolor="#000000">

<div align=center><p><a href="#"
OnMouseOver="window.status='Exit Frames'; return true"><img
src="graphics/breakout.gif" border=0  height=44 width =44 ></a></p></div>




tia, stan

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