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Mailing List Error

Somehow, the list of people on Javascript got nuked shortly before I 
reloaded Linux on the main server for obscure.org. I think the 
list was nuked late Friday or early Saturday. Earlier today, the 
list only had 70-something people on it, instead of the 600-something it 
had last week.

The digests covering the period of interruption are:


You can get these from http://www.obscure.org/javascript/archives.

Fortunately, I had a backup from March 11th, and was able to reconstruct 
the rest of the list from the Majordomo log files. If anyone has been 
accidentally resubscribed because of this, my apologies. Please use the 
regular majordomo mechanisms for unsubscribing, that is:

Send a mail message to "majordomo@obscure.org" with the message body (NOT 
subject) of:

unsubscribe javascript

Thanks for your patience.

Richard Bullington
Obscure Organization Guru wearing his JavaScript List Admin hat

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