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Re: Further questions about cookies

On Tue, 19 Mar 1996 10:16:54 -0800 Gordon McComb wrote:

> Now, NS's documentation is pretty lousy for all of this.  One of the
> questions I have is does the limitation apply to a "temporary" cookie --
> that is, one that lasts just the current session?  These don't appear to get
> written to the cookies.txt file.  These are use most often in JavaScript,
> and I can easily see that with the proliferation of JavaScript that it will
> be easy to exceed the 300/4K limit.

A temporary cookie is merly a normal cookie that is used for the
current session and then expired before exiting. Since expired 
cookies are not written the the cookies.txt file the limitation does 
not exist (At least not in my testing).

The 300 cookie total, 20 cookie per server, and 4k size means you can
have a total of up to 300 cookies of 4k each. 4k is quite a bit of 
data for a single cookie. However, I am concerned about the 300 
cookie limit. I would rather see a 2k limit on cookie size with a 600 
cookie limit.

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