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Re: Sync Frame loading

You don't need "synching" per se if the script doesn't do any any
initializing upon loading.  You *do* need synching if variables need to be
set or functions need to be run, and those variables/functions depend on the
existence of other frames.  Syncing is needed because there is no guarantee
that the frames will load in a given order.  If this is a consideration for
your page then you should put an onLoad event handler in the first
<FRAMESET> tag of your frameset document.  Have that event handler call a
function that starts things going.  The "loader" function can be in the
frameset document, or in a frame.

For accessing functions across frames, the correct syntax is:


you have an additiona "frames" in there that's not needed when you use the
names of the frame objects.

-- Gordon

At 11:32 PM 3/18/96 +0200, you wrote:
>I know that this is in the FAQ, but I dont realy understand how it 
>works. Are there are examples available?
>What I want to do is have one frame with all my JavaScript functions 
>then all the other frames use the functions from this frame by 
>calling parent.frames.FrameName.FuncName( )
>Then if I need to change a function I only need to do it once.
-- Gordon

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