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Frame Refresh w/o removing Javascript

Hi all,
   I have a question about refreshing
frame content. I have one frame containing
Javascript, it's generated output and controls
that allow configuration of settings which
reside in HTTP Cookies. When a setting is
changed, I would like to refresh the frame
preferably, without hardcoding the page URL.
My Refresh routine follows:

function redraw() {
  parent.document.open();      Should Clear it
  The above works fine once, then fails. The
first time it opens the document (clearing it)
then replaces the content. Subsequently, it doesn't 
clear the document and simple redraws the contenent
below existing content.
   Also tried history.go(0), and document.clear() as
well as executing document.close() before re-opening.
The problem is that I would like to clear the visible
content and keep the javascript, if possible, without
a server hit to re-load the page from it's URL.
I could simply place the controls and Javascript in a
second frame, but I have Too Many frames on this page 
   Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

 --- Colin Hill
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