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Re: Auto-mail on page-load / tracking source-URLs


     Yes it can be done quite easily, just point your Netscape 2.0 (betas
too) at the this URL: http://www.freqgrafx.com/411/rogue.html to see why you
should upgrade to 2.01 NOW!! The Web page is harmless, but it shows you why
to upgrade! This was a bug that was found in Netscape that was fixed with
version 2.01. Most people do NOT like being tracked like that, therefore, I
would not recommend doing it. I would use the httpd server log file. Check
with your ISP and I bet you can use/see it with a stat program.


At 12:13 PM 3/17/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Gerald H.E. Maier wrote:
>> Has anyone an idea how to send an automatic mail to my
>> e-mail-address, when a user opens my homepage?
>> The main idea is to keep track of the original URL where the
>> visitor comes from, which as far as I could find out till now
>> can be done with:
>>         document.referrer
>> But I still need this information to somehow forwarded to me,
>> this is why I'm thinking of e-mailing myself.
>> ==============================================
>> If tracking of the source-URL is something not appreciated on
>> the net, please inform me as well. I will stop thinking about
>> it.
>> ==============================================
>> PS.: If someone has a totally different approach - any
>> information is appreciated!

>A couple of questions and comments:
>1. Many servers will log the document referer. This makes it very easy to 
>integrate referrer analysis with your overall traffic analysis. Unless I 
>misunderstand what you are trying to do, I think this would be an easier 
>2. Its my understanding that not all browsers support sending the referer 
>as part of the request, in fact I'm not sure NS does.
>3. Assuming NS does not send it, then #1 is pretty worthless given NS's 
>market share. In this case, I can't think of any way to do it in JS but I 
>think it should be possible in Java.
>If you, or anybody, else comes up with something please let me know

Manfred Stanfield
Idaho Falls, Idaho
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