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Cookie and frames

I am sorry, I suspect that this is not the proper place for this question.
If you think the same, just fire/flame me... but I assume that JavaScript works
very often close to frames, so...

My main document is created by CGI script. This CGI script uses
http header Set-cookie. The main document calls 2 frames to be created.
Also by a CGI script. The problem is that these two frame documents
do not know about any cookie set by their parent. Next one yes, but not
at the beginning.
Is it a bug? Is there a workaround?

I am not sure if I put it clearly. I try once more:

   print 'Content-type...
   print 'Set-cookie...
   print '...
   print '...<FRAME SRC="/cgi-bin/create_sub1.cgi" NAME="...

   ...looking for cookie set by 'create_main.cgi' but no found...
(after reloading)
   ...looking for cookie...oops, I have them...

Thanks for your help,

| Martin Senger     m.senger@dkfz-heidelberg.de      |
|                   voice: (0049) 6221/422340        |
|                   fax:   (0049) 6221/422333        |
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