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image buttons running javascript code?

I have created back/forward buttons for my frames using this notation:

<FORM METHOD="post">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE=" < " onClick="parent.main.history.back()">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="main" onClick='parent.main.location="main.html"'>
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE=" > " onClick="parent.main.history.forward()">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="hideframes" onClick='parent.location="index.html"'>

I now want to replace the buttons with images. But I have so far been
unsuccesful in figuring out how to run the script when you click on the
button, like in the above "onclick". is there such a method for images? If
not, how am i going to work around this?

 - russell  (rusvdw@aztec.co.za)

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