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Re: Last Ditch -- please help :)


The animation is created in Gifbuilder using GIF89a format.  :)  Still 
wondering how to go about animating the thing only on onClick.  Ideas?


Gordon McComb wrote:
> How exactly are you doing the animation?  Is it a sequence of images, or is
> this a GIF89a animated image?  Or something else?
> -- Gordon
> http://gmccomb.com/javascript/
> At 01:16 AM 3/15/96 +0000, you wrote:
> >Last ditch effort ...
> >
> >Does anyone know (or care to help me figure out) how one might animate a
> >gif only on onClick?  I've got the animation done and it loads perfectly
> >... until I try and integrate that with an onClick.  At which point I
> >get no click and no animation :)) ... and I've been struggling with this
> >lil ... animation :)) for ... yikes! 14 hours.  Too much time to throw
> >my hands up in disgust and forget the whole silly endeavor.
> >
> >Ideas??? :))
> >
> >Thanks, in advance...
> >Stacy
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
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