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Re: Grouping input from multiple frames

OIC.  In your case I think you can just get away with using the TARGET
attribute in the <FORM> tag for the sending form.  Just reference the name
of the targeted frame, and the CGI output (that's what myExecute is, right,
a CGI program?) should come back into that frame.

Example <FORM> in one of the other frames (say frame 1):

<FORM NAME="myform" ACTION="whatever.cgi" METHOD=get TARGET="frame3">

Then you have a function called when the user clicks a button.  It builds
the URL for the submission using a couple of dummied up text boxes as the
self-made query string.

function submitForm (form) {
	form.action = form.action + "?" + form.text1.value + "&" + form.text2.value

Now, does *that* help you? <g>

-- Gordon

At 08:14 AM 3/14/96 EST, you wrote:
>Actually what I want to do is slightly different.  I don't want my
>javascript to generate the html for the third frame.  What I want is
>simplier than that.  I want to use the javascript to call a custom URL
>that will have the third frame as the target.
>In this manner the JS will validate the input in the two frames, then
>form a URL like:
>and send this with the target being the bottom frame.
-- Gordon

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