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BOUNCE javascript@obscure.org: Non-member submission from [Rolf Howarth <rolf@insect.demon.co.uk>] (fwd)

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 96 22:59:25 GMT
From: Rolf Howarth <rolf@insect.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Another JavaScript demo
To: javascript@obscure.org
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Message-Id: <AD6E554E@insect.demon.co.uk>


I've recently developed a Javascript applet that hopefully might be
of interest to some.

It's a variation of the JS calculator that seems to be everyone's first
real Javascript project, but rather than using buttons within a table
it uses a GIF image and client-side image maps for the keypad. This
approach seems to work rather well in Javascript. It also incorporates
the solution to another common JS problem, how to format floating point
numbers to a given number of decimal digits. If all that's not enough,
you might even find it useful as a fully featured scientific and hex mode
desktop calculator for day to day use!

I've tested it on the Macintosh and Windows 95 but I'd welcome any
comments or bugs that you find, especially from other platforms.
(Floating point behaviour on these two platforms is a bit different
and a bit of kludge seems to be necessary to detect 'not a number'
under Windows.)

Anyway, here's the URL: http://www.parallax.co.uk/~rolf/Calculator/


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