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a new archive for the javascript mailing list

Sigh. This bounce thing is killing me. This is a really useful 
announcement, though.


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To: javascript@obscure.org
cc: gcheng@greatwall.npac.syr.edu
Subject: a new archive for the javascript mailing
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 14:28:31 -0500
From: Gang Cheng <gcheng@npac.syr.edu>

Just for your information that we at NPAC, Syracuse University
is starting to archive
the javascript mailing list and other java/javascript
related mailings and newsgroups. You can take a look
at the archive at 


The javascript archive is under the computer and software archive in
a folder named 'javascript (mailing-list)'.

Note that the archive we are building
is a very sophisticated search engine, not simply an archive.
We use an Oracle database server to store and manage the 
archive system and provide a set of advanced search capabilities.
Two search/navigation interfaces accesible by any WWW browser
to the archive are provided: one is an advanced search interface
allowing queries with various options such as query by mail header,
by date, by subject (keywords), by sender. The other is a Hypermail-like
navigation interface for users familiar with Hypermail.

The whole archive is automatically updated in
every 30 minutes. Currently more than 1000 mails in javascript mailing list
since Wed 11 Jan 1995 - 20:15:00 up to now is archived there

This system is still under development and more functions are planned to
add. Please send your comments to Gang Cheng 
(gcheng@npac.syr.edu). Thanks.

--- Gang

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