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Re: Mailing form

At 08:15 AM 3/13/96 +0000, John Ray wrote:
>So would I. My entire error reporting page uses mailto:. Are they
>talking about removing the feature entirely or just non-user initiated

You'll still be able to use POST mailto:, but the user will have to click a
button to initiate the transmission.

>It seems to me that they have overlooked a viable alternative to
>removing features like mailto, and the ability to harvest various user
>info. Why don't they just treat it like unsecure transmissions?
>Display a dialog box on the screen whenever such data is accessed and
>give the user the choice of accepting or rejecting it. This would allow them 
>to retain what many feel are valuable features. Let the user decide 
>on an instance by instance basis whether they want to allow access to
>THEIR data.

Good point.  I think that's what their intentions are.
-Andy Augustine
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